Saturday, June 29, 2013

What a crazy week!!! Last weekend, my lovely wife and I drove, after work, to North Carolina to see her family. We arrived late(about 1130), unpacked and went to bed. We woke up about 530 to get ready and drive to Gatlinburg Tennessee for a book signing. We arrived about 8 or so in the morning. While standing in the lobby, four women walked past us. Familiarity of a couple of them caused me to look. After they had walked upstairs, my memory kicked in and I yelled, "JEAN!" She stopped, turned, saw me, and yelled "BEN!" and proceeded to come back toward me! For the first time, my coauthor and I saw each other in person! After formalities, which included being introduced to my two publishers, Sandy and Rebekka, we went to the book signing area. It was a great time. We laughed, joked, the women all had eye candy, Scott-a cover model. We sold and signed every book we took, and signed a bunch of promo cards to give out. It was a good day. In the end, we drive back to North Carolina to spend the evening, night, and most of the next day with family.

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