Saturday, September 7, 2013

Catch up

            I hope everyone has had a great week/month since I posted last. Things have been hectic here. Job 1 is going well, staying busy, albeit slow in this economy. Orders come in every day, although not as many as our bosses would like. Job 2 is likewise picking up. I am averaging 12 hours a week in the two nights I work there.
            My coauthor and I are writing book 2. It is going well, and should be a great book. We are both really proud of our first one, nad everyone who has read it has enjoyed it.
            I have been busy, cleaning, switching services from Comcast to AT&T. It will save us about $70/month! The Appalachian Trail thru-hike with my high-school buddy has been put on hold. Finances are what kept us from being on it now, but my wife has reservations about me boing gone that long. She wants me to section-hike it two weeks at a time every year. We were really hoping to thru-hike, but we will see.
            Star Trek: Into Darkness comes out Tuesday. I really like the revamping of the series J.J Abrams has done. I think the casting is amazing, especially Karl Urban as Bones. If you listen to his voice, he sounds just like DeForest Kelley.
          Anyway, I hope my readers are enjoying their weeks.

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